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Win Money Real Cash mobile game is a general knowledge based quiz game where you can improve your GK through online general knowledge quiz and also earn real money or real cash!

Easy Way To Earn Money. Play Game and Win Jnik Coin which is redeemed into money.
We have made this game with the objective of spreading general knowledge and also help people earn cash money. This is the game where earning real money is very easy! You can become rich – a Lakhpati, Millionaire, Crorepati, Arabapati or even a Billionaire – who knows!

Make money with spinner and quiz enjoy more fun with win money real cash.

Win Money Real Cash is a multi-choice trivia quiz game in which you need to answer the questions from the given four options. You can earn lifelines by paying the jnik coins you have earned during the game. This game will test your general knowledge.

Win Money Real Cash is specially designed in the MCQ’s (Multiple Choice Questions) style. The game gives you a boundless stream of GK questions. These questions are specially designed for testing player’s general knowledge.

Win Money Real Cash can be very useful for people, who are preparing for any competitive exam it may prove to be a GK guide for important guidance. The reward jnik coins can be converted into real cash money and transferred directly into your bank account.

You can set English, Hindi or Gujarati as your preferred language. We will add more languages in the near future. We are working on the translations to all other languages. So, if you have any suggestions, please write an email to us at

Win Money Real Cash is an exclusive quizzing & trivia game app, which allows you to ‘earn while you learn’. With wonderful features and boundless questions, we make sure that your general knowledge always increases! From sports to movies and current affairs to science, Win Money Real Cash offers questions from your favorite subjects.

You will come across thousands of questions of different niche including current affairs, GK, mathematics, history, geography, chemistry, physics, etc. to increase your general knowledge for the competitive exams including IAS, UPSC, Engineering, JEE, CAT, CDS, MCAT, LSAT, CET, SAT, GRE, GMAT, Medical entrance exams and more.

We give rewards for everything you do for increasing your general knowledge. You will get the rewards jnik coins for things like playing quizzes. We ensure that you enjoy playing quizzes, improve your general knowledge and earn money at the same time! No upper limits on the number of games you wish to play. Just play more, learn more, and earn more!

Win Money Real Cash is the best general knowledge quiz app, which helps you earning real money straight into your bank account according to your performance. Win Money Real Cash is for all the age groups in India as well as covers different categories, which will help you improve your general knowledge, clear competitive exams and help you earn a proud career.

The best thing about the Win Money Real Cash is that they pays you real cash directly in your bank account rather than giving coupons of e-commerce sites so that you can earn real money while learning!

Our carefully created quizzes across different categories will make sure that they improve your general knowledge. The more you play, the better you will be and you will earn more real cash!

So, what are you waiting for? Just download the Win Money Real Cash game now!

Any questions or concerns? Get the solutions of all the problems at

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