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On this video I talk about the best 3 skills people need to make money online. However, this is not a magical recipe, and you have to practice these skills every single day, learn more about them constantly and stay focused.

Paid Advertising. I think that the skill of Paid Advertising will allow you to reach millions of people online and you will be able to scale your business and make more money. The exposure you or your business can get with Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Google Ads, will create huge brand awareness and you will have leverage since digital Ads run constantly and if some campaign is working you can just reinvest money into it to give it more traction.

Conversions: If you bring a lot of traffic to your website but you are not converting these audience into buyers, you won’t make money. This skill will allow you to bring people from social media into your Sales Funnel and you will be able to convert them into buyers, increasing your revenue and your ROI. The truth is you don’t need more traffic, you need more conversions. The skill of conversions include Copywriting, Sales Process, Content Creation, Sales Funnels, Email Marketing, etc.

Sales: If you understand your customers, and can close the sales, overcoming their objections, you will become a successful business person. You have to be able to position your offer as something valuable for the potential buyer in order to get the result you want. The skill of sales and persuasion will allow you to get the results you want by convincing the people in front of you (Investors, Buyers, Social Media Audience, Interviewers, etc).

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