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So here’s the REAL deal about making money online when you’re just first starting out. No matter what other people have told you… you do NOT want to pick your passion and try to make money with that.

If your goal is to make money, you want to reverse engineer the crap out of the concept and find what makes money for YOU… first and foremost.

So to do that you’ll have to cast a wide net (so to speak) and try many, many different things. Put some time, energy and a bit of money into each of them.

They are your “seeds”. Water them and see which of them grows into a sprout. When one (or more does), then you can focus your attention onto those sprouts that are showing you some results (no matter how small the results are at first).

This is how you prospect for gold in making money online.
It worked for me and it continues to work for me to this day.

I try many new things out daily. Some work and some don’t. When one works for me I like to share it. Here’s a link to something that made me over $25,000 with very little effort on my part…


I have talked about it before and I’ll post follow up videos about it again soon. The cool part about it is that I have OTHER PEOPLE making money for me and it’s recurring income.

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