The 3 “BEST WAYS” to Make Money Online


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There are lots of ways to make money online, but in this video I’m going to give you my top 3 “BEST” ways to do it.

Why do I need to include “BEST” in quotations?

Because best can be defined in many different ways. For some, it means the fastest way to make money online. For others, it’s what makes you the most money.

My definition of best has 3 qualifiers:

✔️Digital Product (so that it can be created and sold/distributed again and again without the hassle of creating actual physical products, shipping, returns, etc.)

✔️Recurring Income (so that you can continued to get paid over and over again from the same customers)

✔️Scalable (so that it can grow with your business)

The three examples I give that meet all these qualifiers (in different ways) + a mistake that I personally made with each (so you don’t make the same mistake, too):

👉1. Software (2:27)

The Smart Podcast Player:

👉2. Membership Site (4:39)

“People come for the content, and they stick around for the community.”

👉3. Sell Products (7:11)

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing:

Let me know in the comments which one of these 3 business models of “best ways” to make money online most interest you!


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The 3 “BEST WAYS” to Make Money Online | Make Money Online Websites
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