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In this video focusing on how you can make your online digital products profitable so they make you money, rather than cost you money, I show you 2 Profitability Strategies you can use on your products.

When creating and selling products online, you obviously want to make money with them.

But if you’re starting out, you may be creating lower priced products so you can get customers in the door.

This is fine… but you can’t build a business with just that as you’ll find it hard to make money with it.

You can implement some Profitability Strategies to your products which will dramatically increase your income from the sale of your products.

The first Profitability Strategy you can use it to add an upsell to your product once they buy.

If you’re selling a $10 or $20 product, you can add a $47 or $97 upsell on the back end which will dramatically increase your income from your product sales.

The product needs to be complementary to the first product, or else people won’t buy.

The second Profitability Strategy you can use is to increase your price over time.

If you’re starting out with a low priced product to get customers in the door, then increase your price once you have a certain number.

You may find that you’ll get more people buying when the price increases, and those who bought at the lower price will feel they got a bargain!

When you use this strategy, make sure you do increase the price as your customers won’t believe you in the future if you say something again.

So there you have it. These are 2 Profitability Strategies you can use to increase your revenue from your online products.

Use them to boost your income with your online marketing.

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