How to Make Money with Online Forex Trading


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This is my first video and i m going to tell you about forex and how to start a online forex trading. In forex there are trillions of dollar traded daily and this market has grown rapidly over the past few years.
Generally speaking it looks simple but actually we have to study and practice few things before starting online forex trading. This video is about forex intrduction and I will cover other stuff in coming videos.
As forex market remains open from monday to friday you can trade at any time during the day with your routine activities and you can do it on your computer, tablet and on smartphone.
Majority of the forex trader make loss because they dont have knowledge about the factors driving the forex market and due to poor money management. It means before starting forex you have to study some basic tools and practice it on a demo account. I will help you in understanding the techniques used to make decent income from online trade and hopefully this would be the best experience for you.
so if you want to become a forex trader the first thing to do is to install a metatrader application to your device and register yourself on it to start a demo account.
A demo account gives you the virtual balance of 5000 dollar for practice. Start with a demo account and learn to. Operate the application tools. A demo account just gives you an overview about the forex market and make you able to use the metatrader application. Try to practice as much as possible besfore starting up a real account. Also Try to develop and learn a strategy on a demo account that will work. Because without having an effective strategy you will never make a profit and might loss all of your invested capital. In demo account the thing which is difficult to understand is a psycological factor because in demo account you dont have your own money at risk means there is no pyscological factor involve unlike real account. but for a newbie the first step is to practice on a demo account.


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