How To Make Money Online With Google [2018] – Make $1000 A Month Without Investment [Part 4]


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How to make money with Google in 2018 – easily make an extra $1,000 per month utilizing Google’s search engine for your own benefit. This is part 4 of the YouTube money making series

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Want to learn how to make $1,000 a month online as a teenager or beginner? In this video, I continue a short and sweet series on how it is possible for almost anyone to create financial freedom using free traffic derived from Google’s search engine

The business model is actually very simple. You see, business owners need to advertise their business. If they don’t, they won’t get new customers

So this creates a huge opportunity for you if you own a laptop. Because what you can do is create a website with an exact match domain, rank that website on Google, get traffic to it and then charge a business owner $1-$5K per month to get all of the incoming calls from that website

I recommend going to local companies that make a lot of money per phone call. These would be plumbers, HVAC technicians, painters, and other labor-intensive companies. But don’t shy away from lawyers, dentists, and other professional services that has a high customer value

Here is the best part. A lot of these business owners are currently already advertising on Google and paying an arm and a leg per click. Meaning every time someone clicks on their advertisement in Google, they can pay anywhere from $10-$100 on that ad

What I’m teaching is called SEO. SEO can get you ORGANIC traffic from the search engines so you don’t have to pay for any clicks. You simply sit back and let the traffic roll in while you profit.

This is a system that my business:

Thrives off of. Actually, we make 100% of our revenue from search engine optimization services in Connecticut.

Lately, I have been teaching some friends how to do this process and I’m glad that you joined us for this awesome opportunity.

In this video, we cover on page optimization. On page, optimization is what you do on-site of your website to give Google the search engine signals that it needs to ensure that you have a real business

When you follow these simple steps, it becomes very easy to outrank your competitors in your local market. We only use ‘White-Hat’ SEO tactics demonstrated so you’re always safe when performing this to yours our your client’s website

Follow these rules when doing your on page content:

-1,000 words or more

– Optimize your title tags and METAS

– Embed YouTube videos into your content to get more relevancies from Google’s search engine

– Input images into your content with the proper ALT tags (using your EMD)

If you follow these short instructions and follow long I guarantee you that you will be able to rank your website on the first page of Google quickly and effectively

See you soon,

How To Make Money Online With Google [2018] – Make $1000 A Month Without Investment [Part 4] | Make Money Online Websites
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