How To Make Money Online In 6 Steps


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How to make money online in 6 steps
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So you want to learn how to make money online
Well thats good so I figured I’d tell you how to do it
In six steps
Literlly six steps to making money online
So go ahead and get your note pads out
that so you can write down all 6 steps
And make sure you stick around to the end of the video
to get your free gift just for watching this video.

Here are the 6 steps to making money online

Step 1. Find a hot product it could be anything
from wealth, health, doing hair, clothing
it doesn’t matter as long as you can become and
affiliate of the product and make a commission on the sale

Step 2. Find out who the buyers are.
This comes down to researching your niche and
also knowing what makes your customers ‘respond’ is vital to

Step 3. Create a Free bribe product to give away
This could be anything from a free PDF report,
to a video, to an interview with an expert.

Step 4. Create a Squeeze page and hook up
your auto-responder to it so you can give away
your free ‘bribe’ offer in exchange for an email

Put a link to your free bribe ‘gift’ on the thank
you page or in the welcome email sent by your

Step 5. Get traffic to your squeeze page
Buy it, swap it, swipe it for free. Write ads
and create content that attract your ideal prospect.
Do youtube videos, Youtube Ads
Facebook posts that attract curiosity, twitter,
instagram and also do paid versions of all these

Step 6. Sell the product(s) that you found
in Step 1. by sending emails (automated)
with your affiliate (or sales page) link inside.
i.e. Load up your auto-resonder with emails
that teach, tell stories and sell. Thats it

Simple right? 6 steps that will bring you more money then
you can shake a stick at lol
But the things most people make things harder then this
They complicate things and then in turn make it hard
for them to build a business online.
You can use this business model in any business online.

If you want to skip some of these steps
and get down to marketing and generating traffic
and also being taught how to do so without costing you a penny

Go ahead and click the link below.
and join a free to start system with the opportunity to earn up $3,500 per customer
The free system includes:
-Done for you Capture Page
-Done for you Email Follow Up
-Training on Facebook & Youtube
-The ability to brand your link to YOU so you stand out
-Plug in your own auto responder (or get one inside)
-Ability to earn multiple streams of income
This is a no brainer. If you market online (or just looking to get started online)
this is a MUST have system for your arsenal. Newbie friendly

How To Make Money Online In 6 Steps | Make Money Online Websites
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I hope you enjoyed my video on the 6 steps to making money online.
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