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Go to
Use the referral code O7BU70 (First part is the letter “O” and the last part is the number zero)
**REMEMBER open flick points and then come back to download apps, and make sure to remember the referral code.
Hey guys I just wanted to share with you a cool idea on how to make quick money for anyone. Even if you are an adult or a kid this method works for anyone looking for cash. Often times you will hear the age old question, how can i make more money. Here, I have decided to answer that question with a method that I like to use which I show here in my video, “How to make quick easy money straight from your phone (how can I make money).” Hopefully this will be the answer for people looking to a make money online or by whatever means but I find this method the simplest. Happy earning everyone!
Hey guys, how’s it going? Today I have a really exciting thing to show you and it’s about how you can make money straight from your iPhone or Ipad. Now the first thing you want to do is go to safari and search for an app called feature points. Now this is an app that will allow you to do this. So what I’ve done is I’ve hit this or you can go ahead and hit this, and so it will take you to this page and you can scroll down and hit sign up. Now it’s going to show you this, all you have to do is hit lets go and it totally safe its only showing this to you because you are not downloading it from the app store. Then you hit install, install now. Okay I am being shown a slightly different page because I already have this, but you are pretty much going to see the same thing. Then you hit add to home screen. We will just call it feature points. And now it’s going to pop up right there because I already have the other one. So what you are going to need to do is when it asks you for a code, you are going to put… it takes a little while, you are going to type in the code O7BU70. Once you do that you will have your own profile set up and then here it can show you how many points you have earned. And so, how you actually get the points is by downloading these apps. And it will show you by the FP plus 102, plus 82, sorry my cameras not zooming. But all you do is download those apps like you would on the app store and play them for thirty seconds and then it will give you these points. And you redeem them by going to the rewards section, and you can use them in PayPal funds, amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, even… oh it went back again, I won’t try to get back to it again but at the bottom of the rewards section, you can get cash through PayPal. And so it’s just something that’s really exciting and something I was really happy to share with you guys and hopefully you might find it resourceful. Make sure when you go on you add that code, I will write it down for you guys, O7BU70. So it’s this right here guys, just something to look forward to, I hope you guys will find it useful, and thanks for watching.


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