How To Make Easy Money Online With Burst! A 2nd Closer Look.


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Pardon the lower audio on Crowetic’s voice, rather than spend a day on audio correction and delay the release of this powerful presentation, I decided to release if for you guys now. Please read the whole description for important details!
Here we are as promised, a second video all about BURST and how to make money from home by using burst and it’s platform. You will meet the development team leader of BURST, Crowetic who took some time out to make this video with me to share with all of you that loved the first BURST video I did and put here on my channel. The url to the first video about BURST that I did is here

Here is Crowetic’s Video Explaining Burst Assets in Great Detail! Watch it too!

Here are the important links we discussed in the video:

Important links list:

The Official Burst Website
The Burst Community Forum
The Busiest Forum Thread all about Burst is here

The Direct link to download the Burst Wallet For Windows…

Link to Burst Wallet For Android…

New Online Burst Wallet for All operating systems!…

Info Sites In Several Languages

Slack: – Join the Discussion!

Windows mining guide (thanks to crowetic)…

Freenode: #burst-coin


Mining Calculator:…

How To Make Easy Money Online With Burst! A 2nd Closer Look. | Make Money Online Websites
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