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Hello everyone, The_Baltazar is here. Today i want to talk about G2A I want to share with you people, how to earn some Extra money with this site very simple. This site is very famous espescially on twitch and its all about selling games very cheap. You can find link of this site below this video, in description. Any time somebody buy game from your referial link, you will earn 100% profit of that game. Also if guy who bought game from your link, gives somebody referial to buy game, you will earn 60% of that profit, and if 2nd guy gives somebody referial, you will earn 40%. Its really amazing. Once they buy game from your referial, you will earn whenever they buy game again on this site. You can share referial link with your freinds on facebook or facebook groups. Also if you have big facebook page or website or a lot of followers on twitter, you can just share your referial link where ever you want and earn extra money very easy. You can get payment trough paypal or skrill but i prefere PayPal.

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