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We’re going to exploit cloud mining. Essentially we will use daily compounded returns to gain MASSIVE profits. This is not if you need money for snacks and pizza. This is for you if you need money for college, a car, a new computer etc. Be careful, and follow the instructions CAREFULLY! No initial investment required, but recommended.

The cloud miner used is HashOcean, and no previous knowledge of mining is required. First, sign up here – or wait till you have read everything. No reference, but you will get 15 KH/s just for signing up. I will explain that later.

I have chosen HashOcean after researching different cloud miners for a while. It is the best rated cloud miner on BitcoinTalk, and it is deemed safe and proved not to be a scam. HashOcean is from 2012, and does still exist, which talks for itself. You are free to use whatever miner you want, but this is easy, fast and cheap.

On the website you can purchase power, or use the one you got for free. It is easy to do, and you can only pay by BTC. It should be easy to do.

But the trick is to purchase power, and then COMPOUND your returns. Returns are paid out daily, but by tweaking the settings, you can set it up to automatically invest your return in more power. I have made some Excel sheets showing the payoffs. Study them CAREFULL!

View post on

As you can see on the picture, your investment no matter how little of how much will be return in about three months. When you purchase power, it will last for two years. You do not need to visit the website, it’s completely auto-pilot. This is your returns if you purchase the power, and choose to pay out your returns each day.

But of course we can’t wait two years for $100 to turn into $700. This is where compounded investment comes into play. You turn this on by using the following settings.

First go here like this:
than here –

And click save. Now your return is compounded daily. You might have learned this in math, and it is extremely powerful.

Check out the returns when investing $10, $100 or $1000.

Return when compounding $10 initial investment.

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Return when compounding $100 initial investment.

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Return when compounding $1000 initial investment.

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As you can see, you no longer need to invest a lot to make money. Even $1 will do (or zero). This is too good to pass up, this is why I am sharing it with Thebotnet. I can vouch for the website, and Google will get tons of proof. Use it wisely!

Proof of payments: or just use Google

Is it safe?
Yes, I will consider it safe. I checked a lot of cloud miners before choosing HashOcean. This ‘trick’ is not exclusive to HashOcean, but most of the other sites turned out to be scams and ponzi schemes. Don’t waste your money on them as I did. HashOcean has paid out since 2012.

When to pay out?
Just a tip. I paid out the first three months, just to get my investment back, and then compounded from there on. That way it was impossible for me to loose any money.

What is compounding?
Reinvesting return​

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