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This is another 6CIMA Power Blitz video giving free advice and tips for advertisers, bloggers and marketers.

And the topic for this video is … Demand Media.

Demand Media (founded in 2006) is a content and social media company.

The company creates online content using a combination of consumer demand and estimated ROI.

Demand Media specializes in “connecting people with brands and brands with people”.

In addition, the company provides social media platforms to existing large company websites.

Demand Media provide a media buying platform, termed Demand360.

This platform is both proprietary and programmatic, giving Advertisers direct access to company-owned assets.

The Demand360 platform functions on an algorithm that identifies topics with high advertising potential based on number of search engine queries and bids achieved at advertising auctions.

Freelancers are sub-contracted to develop associated text and video content.

Advertisers can utilize the Demand360 platform to manage campaigns across multiple devices.

Advertisers receive preferential access to inventory viewed by a huge internet audience.

Demand Media websites are consistently among the top US websites.
Thus, the reach is extensive – i.e. millions of viewers.

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