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On this video I’m going to talk about making a living as a musician.

After years of having works that I hated, I had to make a change. That was when Guitar Playback was born as a website where I sold backing tracks. I also started to grow my YouTube channel. After four years of hard work, there was a bit of progress, but not enough to make a full-time income. So, I started studying marketing techniques. However, it was really frustrating because it seemed that all of this marketing guys were all about money. Finally, everything clicked about a year ago when I understood that all of this marketing guys were saying basically the same.
In a nutshell they were saying: deliver a huge free value to your audience and take them from the place they are and bring them to a better place.

I make a connection through my YouTube channel where I gain people’s trust by giving them awesome free content. Then, by using a funnel strategy I filter out the people that are going to be potential clients.

The strategy is super simple: Love people, help them, be their friends and the rest will fall into place!

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