4 Reasons Why 99% Of Entrepreneurs FAIL To Make Money Online


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If you’re trying to make money online you need 4 things that are going to allow you to set yourself up properly that way you can make money working from home or anywhere around the world that you want.

1) Traffic – You’ve gotta have a consistent amount of high quality traffic on a daily basis flowing in from paid ads and organic sources.
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2) Sales Process – Once you have high quality traffic coming in on a daily basis (people that ACTUALLY want what you’re selling) then you’ve gotta have a sales funnel that will close sales for you 24/7 – 365 so you can enjoy time out and about while sales continue to come in no matter what you’re doing.

3) Follow Up – You’ve gotta not only follow up with those that don’t buy your products right away but you’ve gotta follow up with your new customers leveraging chat software and email marketing because that will drastically increase your conversions on the backend.

4) Community – You can do both offline events and online events to build culture with those who have purchased from you before because it is easier and more efficient to generate a sale from customers that have purchased from you before then it is to generate a new customer so doing events will build the culture for continuous sales.

4 Reasons Why 99% Of Entrepreneurs FAIL To Make Money Online | Make Money Online Websites
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4 Reasons Why 99% Of Entrepreneurs FAIL To Make Money Online



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